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What Sets Us Apart

We are not a large web design firm and have no desire to be. We do not have any large corporate contracts and don’t care to. We are a small business, and we develop websites for other small businesses. Our websites are top quality and delivered quickly… plus they are extremely affordable. Throw in our superior customer service and we are confident that you will not find a better company to develop your small business website. We love what we do and it shows!

Joseph Alvaro  (Development, Design)


Back in 2004, Joe was 24 and had a decent career as an Optician. The only problem was that he was miserable. Adjusting glasses for the next 30 to 40 years was not an appealing thought. It was time for a change, before it was too late… How about that Internet thing?

By early 2005, Joe was teaching himself web design and creating graphics in Photoshop on nights and weekends. Before long, having discovered his passion, Joe’s optical career was on hold and he was back in college, while taking on as much client work as possible in his free time. In 2008, JMA Web Consulting was born. Adjusting glasses was a distant memory.

In 2011, Joe relocated to Wilmington, NC after living in Western Massachusetts for thirty years. He lives with his wife Becki and their three beautiful daughters, Sophia, Isla, and Natalie. They have a little dog named Bella and a huge cat named Dill. On the weekends, you can find them on the beach playing with the kids, or eating at one of Wilmington’s many restaurants. Any other free time is generally spent surfing, exercising, or attempting to learn a new skill (currently guitar). Joe’s glasses are usually crooked.

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Rebecca Alvaro  (Design, Project Management)


In 2009 Becki was working as an Optician and Ophthalmic Technician for a leading ophthalmology practice in Massachusetts. After working in the optical field for the better part of 10 years, Joe and Becki decided that she would become a work at home mom after the birth of their second daughter in 2010. Since then, Becki has been the Design and Management spearhead of JMA Web Consulting. She enjoys the pleasure of working side by side with her husband every day, and not many wives can say that!

In her spare time she is also the proud owner of Happy Ballerina, a custom tutu and costume boutique(and yes, JMA designed her website too). She has 3 girls, which is, of course, why she makes tutus. She enjoys spending time with Joe and their daughters at one of the many beautiful beaches here in Wilmington, NC or attending one of the hundreds of family oriented attractions that the Port City has to offer. She is active in Wilmington’s Small Business community as the founder of the Cape Fear Mix & Mingle (a semi-annual multi-vendor event and fundraiser held at showcasing locally owned, family-friendly businesses in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas) and can often be found volunteering and helping out at her daughter’s schools or various non-profits that she partners with through the CFMM. She loves to keep busy (if you couldn’t tell), be creative, enjoys gardening and cooking but above all she loves spending time with her family.

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