Hosting & Maintenance

What’s Included in our Maintenance Plan

  • Website Hosting (1GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • Monthly Backup of Database and all Site Files
  • Monthly WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates
  • 2 Change Requests Per Month
  • 24 Hour Website Restoration Guarantee

Website Backups

Keeping a regular backup of your website is the most important step in securing and protecting your investment. Unfortunately, it is also the most overlooked. We will backup your entire website, including the database and all files, on the 1st of each month. If your site experiences a hack or other catastrophic event, the most recent backup can be restored with just a few clicks.

Website Updates

Updates are released regularly for most of the software powering your site. These updates include new features, performance upgrades, security updates, and more. While WordPress offers “one-click” updates for the WordPress platform and many plugins, updating these yourself could have unexpected results. Certain plugins or themes may conflict with one another, or may not be compatible with your current version of WordPress. Potential problems range from layout issues to broken functionality (forms not submitting properly, etc.)

Change Requests

Two change requests are included each month. A change request is any content update or minor tweak requiring less than 15 minutes to complete. Most client requests fall into this category. We will provide an estimate for larger requests. Note that these requests cannot be rolled over from month to month.

Website Restoration

If your site experiences a hack or other catastrophic event, we will restore the most recent backup within one business day… at no cost to you.

What It Costs

Maintenance Plan: $39/mo.
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