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$999 $1,799 $2,499
The number of pages that will be included with your website package. Note that your search results and property detail pages are NOT included in this number.Pages 5 8 12
Your website will be optimized for mobile viewing. This means that your site may hide non-essential graphics, display in a single column, show a modified navigation, etc. Responsive websites provide the best experience possible to mobile viewers.Mobile Responsive Included Included Included
Complete integration with the Lodgix system. Plugin settings will be adjusted to your preferences, and the WordPress options within your Lodgix account will be set appropriately.Lodgix Plugin Integration Included Included Included
Use your own logo and color scheme throughout your site. If you do not have a logo, your company name will be used. A favicon (the small icon that appears in the tab of your web browser) is also included.Promote Your Brand Included Included Included
A slide show of uploaded slides/images that can be set to automatically rotate or be manually changed from slide to slide.Homepage Image Slideshow Included Included Included
A general inquiry form with full integration with the Lodgix system. All inquiries will be directed to Lodgix, allowing simple guest management and optional automated responses.Integrated Contact Form Included Included Included
The time it takes from beginning to end of your website development. Starting once the client remits initial payment and ending once the site goes live. This assumes timely feedback from the client.Turnaround Time 2 days 1 week 2 weeks
Semi-Custom layout provides several choices for logo and navigation bar placement. You may choose to place text overlays on your slideshows. Full width header and slideshows are also available.Header/Slideshow Layout Basic Semi-Custom Semi-Custom
A Widgetized homepage layout allows much more flexibility in the placement of your homepage content. The Semi-Custom layout provides the same flexibility, with the addition of custom buttons, icons, image shapes, and borders.Homepage Layout Basic Widgetized Semi-Custom
The Widgetized footer allows the placement of additional important information in the footer of your website. This may include navigation menus, contact information, newsletter signups, etc.Footer Layout Basic Widgetized Widgetized
Social media icons, that link to your various social media profiles. These can be customized to match your brand identity. (Advanced and Premium packages only)Social Media Icons Basic Custom Custom
Personalize your site with fonts of your choice. Choose any of the font families available from Google Fonts. Font Selection Basic Custom Custom
Customize the color scheme and appearance of the Lodgix plugin. Note that this will NOT allow reformatting the layout of the plugin output.Customized Lodgix Output Included Included
Customize the location and styling of the Lodgix search bar. This will allow repositioning of the form fields and removal of unwanted fields. Note that this will NOT allow adding additional fields or modifying the functionality of existing fields.Custom Lodgix Search Bar Placement Included
A website or section of a website that displays posts in reverse chronological order, and allows users to comment on the content of the post. The posts often relate to a specific topic (such as new rentals or services) but can be used to convey any information to your audience.Blog Included Included
A group of buttons that allows users to share your content on various social media sites. This includes, but is not limited to, options to “like” on Facebook, “tweet” on Twitter, and “pin” on Pinterest.Share Buttons (Like, Tweet, Pin it, +1) Included Included
We will place multiple sliders in different areas of your site. Easily create slides and assign them to the proper slideshow.Multiple Slideshows (up to 2 additional) Included
For companies that require an additional form beyond the general inquiry form. An example would be a form specific to property owners.Additional Form Included
We will create a special page containing a list of all pages on your website. This sitemap will inform search engines, as well as visitors, of all pages available for browsing on your site.Sitemap Included
Access to the administration area of your WordPress website. The WordPress content management system allows users to easily update text, images, and other content on your website.WordPress Admin Access Included Included Included
Every package includes 20 professional WordPress training videos available right from your administration area dashboard.WordPress Training Videos Included Included Included
Using a shared screen, we will show you how to login to and use the WordPress administration area to add and update the content on your site.One on One Training (1 hour session) Included
A very flexible and powerful WordPress theme, powered by the popular WooThemes framework. The theme is very well maintained and supported, which means it will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.Canvas Theme ($99 Value) Included Included Included
The premiere form plugin available for WordPress. Speeds up the process of creating complex forms on your site. The Developer License (included with all of our packages) provides integration with numerous third party services. Gravity Forms Plugin ($199 Value) Included Included Included
Reduces the time required to create multiple sliders on your website. The best part about this plugin is that you will be able to manage your slider images yourself, directly through your administration area!WooSlider Plugin ($49 Value) Included Included Included
$999 $1,799 $2,499
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