GoFilmGo was started by an independent filmmaker in New York. Looking for a website that can not only host quality video clips and short films, but allow for people to rate them by emotional evocation was a task that JMA was meant to accomplish. Working with GoFilmGo, we were able to create a custom plug-in allowing for an interactive site for the users and the film makers alike.

Film makers have the ability to contact GoFilmGo and submit their short films for consideration on the site as well, and GoFilmGo has the ability to manage and upload videos themselves. A website that is driven by the passion of film making…nothing could make us happier.

Starting a business requires making many crucial decision that can make or break you. Choosing JMA Web Consulting proved to be one of the safest and greater decisions I made. Professional, sensitive to my needs, reasonable and fair are a few of the qualities I found in them. I would recommend them to any one, in fact I already did and they were thankful.
– Shlomi Ben-Yair, Filmmaker